School Linked Health Center

ALSEA CLINIC & ALSEA SCHOOL: A School-Linked Health Center

Alsea School District 7J contracts with the Alsea Clinic for 3 hours per week of nurse practitioner time in an arrangement referred to as a School-Linked Health Center.

On Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, the nurse practitioner is present in the school and available to screen, examine, treat, and/or monitor sick or injured students.
The nurse practitioner:

  • provides updates on school health issues and bloodborne pathogens to teachers and staff
  • contacts parents if an office visit with a health care provider (of their choice) is necessary
  • confirms immunization records for all students, including pre-school, and completes required forms for the county and state; parents are called to arrange for an update for any required vaccinations
  • arranges dental screenings and applications of tooth varnish for students through a cooperative effort with the Benton County Dental Coalition and Benton County Health Department
  • oversees a weekly fluoride mouth rinse program for grades 1-6
  • provides vision screenings for all new students, kindergarteners, and any others that teachers may be concerned about
  • conducts immunization clinics for 5th grade TdaP boosters and 7th grade HPV series
  • is working with the athletic director to utilize ImPACT computer testing for all high school athletes at baseline in the event that assessment and treatment for a concussion might be needed.