Local Organizations

Volunteerism is alive and well in Alsea! Our local service organizations are a result of people getting together to make something happen, to make a difference, to take care of a need. Rural folk are famous for their independence and resourcefulness, but we also know when to come together and rely on each other to get something done.


Alsea FIlm Academy

Film Academy’s Wizard of Oz Production


Alsea Community Effort (ACE)

A non profit organization established in the mid 1990’s to sponsor community development through volunteer efforts, grants, and fund raising. Largest project to date is the building of the Alsea Community Library, a branch of the Corvallis Benton County Public Library system. ACE is the umbrella, non profit sponsor for several Alsea groups such as the Alsea Film Academy.


Kathy Koetz EMT

Kathy Koetz – Alsea EMT

Alsea Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Technicians

Local fire department volunteers respond through the 911 network to fire, emergency, and medical calls in the Alsea Valley.


Alsea Food Bank


Alsea Food Bank

Member of the Linn-Benton Food Share Network. The Food Bank is located close to town and provides food products to qualifying individuals and families.


Memorial Garden

Alsea Memorial Garden


Alsea Garden Club

Service organization for garden enthusiasts that meets once per month. The group maintains several plantings around town including the Alsea Memorial Garden located on the western edge of Alsea proper.


Steelhead Distributed By Gleaners

Steelhead Distributed By Gleaners

Alsea Gleaners

Gleaning is “the gathering after harvest”. Gleaners is a self help, non-emergency food program that provides food for low-income, disabled, and the elderly by redirecting thousands of pounds of unsold food, as well as gathered food, to its members. Visit their website at: http://heresmeme.com/AVV/gleaners/index.htm



Inside Grange Hall

Grange Hall

Hope Grange Hall

Alsea Hope Grange

Part of a national organization that supports local agriculture and rural living. Hope Grange sponsors several local events and celebrations and is the top choice when a large space is needed for a dance, gathering or event.



Volunteers Preparing the Valley Voice


Alsea Valley Voice

The Valley Voice is a monthly newsletter written and edited by volunteers. It is under the financial umbrella of ACE and contains columns, community news and articles of interest to local residents. 

Alsea Watershed Council

A non profit, volunteer organization run by local people that strives to help manage the natural resources of the Alsea River watershed. The Council welcomes the participation of all who are concerned with being good stewards while considering the economic and social needs of Benton, Lincoln, and Lane counties. Visit their website at: www.alseawatershedcouncil.org/

Strengthening Rural Families

Strengthening Rural Families


Strengthening Rural Families

A non profit organization that promotes development of healthy families in rural Benton County through education, advocacy, coalition building and community connections. Strenghtening Rural Families sponsors the Alsea Pups Preschool serving three to five year olds at the Alsea School. Visit their website at: http://www.ruralfamilies.org/


Clemens Foundation House


Clemens Foundation

Local private foundation that offers educational grants to qualifying students to attend college, technical or trade schools. In addition, they offer one time grants for other community projects and organizations. 


Denny – Mobile Dental Clinic Manager


Dental Van

The Alsea Clinic hosts the dental van at least twice yearly. It is staffed by a volunteer dentist and provides services at no cost to uninsured residents of the Alsea Valley.