Alsea Community

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What makes Alsea a place you want to put down roots? The People. We are neighbors, friends, relations; people with common interests and goals for creating a supportive, respectful community in our beautiful valley in this lush, coastal range of Oregon. Folks come together to make things happen, to volunteer, to support kids, to take care of one another. In small everyday ways like the wreath and tree sale at Christmas to raise funds for the pre-school, and in long-term, large-scale projects like building the Alsea Rural Health Clinic and the Alsea Community Library. People show up for one another and for our common good. We may be small and have little in the way of infrastructure, but we are a people committed to keeping the fine quality of life in Alsea that binds us to this place.

A few of our local organizations and resources are: Alsea Community Effort, Alsea Volunteer Fire Department, Alsea Valley Voice, Alsea Food Bank, Hope Grange and Alsea Gleaners

ALSEA Public School District

Alsea School District 7J is a K-12 Oregon public school district. As a self-contained district, it has its own administration, staff, programs, facilities, transportation system, and board of five elected directors.


Alsea School

A variety of free organized sports are offered from 5th through 12th grades, which keep students active and engaged. A variety of other school / community events occur at the school. See the district website for more information:


Preschoolers at the Library

Preschoolers at the Library

Preschool Fundraiser

Preschool Fundraiser


Alsea Pups Preschool

A preschool located in a classroom of the district elementary school is co-funded by the Alsea School District and Strengthening Rural Families, a non-profit organization. Preschool enrollment is available for ages 3 to Pre-K. Sessions are half-days, although older Pre-K students have the option to attend two full days per week.


Inside The Library


Alsea Library


The Alsea Community Library is part of the Corvallis Benton County Public Library system, which ensures stable funding and a rotating collection of materials. However, the library facility itself is owned by Alsea Community Effort, a local non-profit that conducted the fundraising, grant-writing, legal groundwork, and construction of a new building in 2005. Open five days a week, the library houses an extensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and audio-visual materials as well as downloadable materials. It also has eight computers with Internet access available for public use and access to dozens of free databases. The Mary Rounds Community Room is widely used by a variety of groups for meetings, discussions, arts and crafts, exercise, and rehearsals.

Fire Station

Fire Station


Alsea Rural Fire Department District

Our local Fire Department is staffed by trained volunteers who respond through the 911 Network to fire, emergency, and medical calls in the Alsea Valley.


Post Office



Alsea has a full-service post office open eight hours a day Monday through Friday, with incoming and outgoing mail also occurring on Saturdays. (Passports are also available.) Most residents live on rural routes with daily home delivery, although residents living on certain roads purchase postal boxes right in the post office.