About Our Logo

alseaClinicLogoNot many logos have real meaning for a community—or a personal story behind them— but Alsea Clinic’s has both. In the early days of organizing the clinic, Margaret Vernon attended and actively participated in all the meetings. As one of our most elder residents whose family had homesteaded in the area, she wanted to help make sure that the clinic would serve the needs of our elder population. She compared them to the old-growth Douglas fir trees that grow in the forests of the Coast Range.

“Those trees are so old, and their roots are so deep, that you can’t just transplant them to another location” she would say. “And that’s how our older people are: their roots are so deep here that you can’t just transplant them to a nursing home in Corvallis…”

The clinic is still trying to do all we can to ensure that our elder folk can remain in their homes, living the independent lives they value, for as long as they would like to do so. That’s why our logo portrays the old-growth tree in the foreground with its roots deep in the soil, nourished by the river and surrounded by the forested hills nearby. In our minds over time, that tree has also come to represent all the people of our area.Alsea Clinic Logo

In 2013, we contracted with former Alsea resident Heather Stewart (nee Butterworth) to update our 32 year old logo.  The clinic has evolved in many ways through the years and we thought it time to create a colorful and stylized logo.  We chose to keep the same motifs of old growth tree, deep roots, mountains and river from the original logo as these elements are still central to living here in the Alsea Valley. We are happy to unveil the new logo with the creation of this website.